Our Philosophy

At Full Spectrum Recovery and Counseling we believe our clients deserve to be respected and supported in their pursuit of healthy living. For those addressing substance use concerns, we believe addictions are the result of habits developed in the quest for soothing underlying pain and trauma. These behaviors, once a solution to pain and discomfort, have become hurtful to self and others and can cause deep distress. We believe the development of addictive disorders is an accident and that most who struggle with these behaviors do not have a disease, but rather, a deep need to address and heal this underlying pain in order to function well in the world.

Research has shown that the neurological, physiological, and psychological impacts of substance abuse and dependence can be eliminated or reducd by learning new behaviors and reducing or eliminating substance using behaviors.

We also believe that those who struggle with these compulsive behaviors should play a primary role in the course of treatment. Toward this end, Full Spectrum Recovery therapists practice Motivational Interviewing, a collaborative and client centered approach, ensuring success and enhancement of the clients intention to change.

We know recovery takes time to establish and those clients who stay engaged in treatment will benefit most as they integrate new learnings and behaviors.
Full Spectrum Recovery therapists do not use labels such as “alcoholic” or ‘addict”. We do not shame or confront or attempt to break a client.

We recognize, as validated by the DSM 5, that substance abuse problems take place on a spectrum of severity, nor is this problem necessarily progressive, that each person has a unique reason for using and a personal level of impact from substance use. We also recognize that abstinance may one of many goals for those exploring a change in their substance using behaviors.

Full Spectrum Recovery therapists are trained and experienced in working with an array of human issues including: anxiety, depression, stress management, relational conflict and discord, codependency, love and sex addiction, compulsive overeating, crisis interventions, parent-child conflicts. We also work with families with adult children who are still dependent or have “failure to launch”.

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