Harm Reduction Psychotherapy is a compassionate, client-centered approach to helping people reduce or eliminate the effects of harmful or risky behavior. Gradual and incremental change processes are known to be the norm in recovery from Substance Use Disorders; studies show that only about one-third of people suffering from addictions and alcoholism find recovery through AA or 12-Step programs. Full Spectrum Recovery & Counseling is a member of the Harm Reduction Coalition, a national organization promoting education and choice for those who engage in risky behaviors.

More on The Harm Reduction Coalition

At Full Spectrum we understand the ambivalence that often occurs within an individual who elects to use mind-altering substances, and we are respectful of the many reasons people have for making these choices. Using Motivational Interviewing we help clients reconnect with their highest values, discover the underlying causes of their self-destructive behaviors and create action plans that enhance lifelong recovery.

Our therapists and coaches are skilled at recognizing when a 12-Step program is the right solution for an individual; (link to 12-Step facilitation program)we are equally skilled at recognizing when other than 12-Step programs may be more beneficial when engaging in personal change processes. Each person is unique and so is recovery—at Full Spectrum we meet our clients “where they’re at” and foster incremental behavior change strategies that can last a lifetime. We encourage our clients to determine their own definition of recovery.

Our services include DrinkChoice, a powerful six-week exploration of one’s drinking habits, leading to moderation or abstinence; a non-12-Step Coping Skills Training for drinkers pursuing abstinence support, and a Private Independent Recovery Track for those wishing anonymity and privacy as they pursue healthy lifestyle changes. Our clients also benefit from substance use education, moderation skills training and other supportive resources as needed, such as EMDR and trauma-focused CBT.  When appropriate, we work with physicians and other healing professionals to support successful recovery.

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