Full Spectrum Recovery has committed to provide its clients with the most effective and powerful support for personal growth and transformation. After almost 20 years of working within a system that required a focus on concerns and symptoms, give a diagnosis and then provide “treatment” for the impairment, we have come to realize that there is a need for an additional proactive model of work. Coaching is an alternative approach to “change”.

Psychotherapy is about remedial or therapeutic change, as in the case of relational distress, addictions or trauma. In this model one works with a therapist to eliminate or reduce symptoms and pursue recovery, a return to a former state. In therapy the focus is on the past and formative life experiences. We continue to have a deep respect for this work and the gifted therapists that are called to support mental health and healing in this way.

The client receiving coaching is also pursuing change. However, the desire for change is not driven by need or pain but by an impulse toward personal expansion and transformation. The coaching relationship is focused on strengths and potential. The coached client is embracing new realms of self- expression, integration and expansion. The coaching approach is about the future and supporting the role one plays in creating the best life possible for him/her self. This type of coaching is distinctly positive and based on a clear vision of the ideal self.

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