Life Transitions, Well Being and Mental Health

We understand what it is to be human and the challenges that can come with it.
We offer compassionate and pragmatic, client-­‐centered counseling for you and your family.

Full Spectrum Recovery and Counseling is an outpatient treatment clinic located in Santa Barbara, California. We are widely known for our cutting-edge and effective approach to treating substance use and behavioral addictions. In addition to our expertise in addiction treatment, our staff also specializes in coaching for life enhancement as well as the treatment of mental health issues. These issues not only co-occur with addictions but also exist in their own accord, such as depression, anxiety, and trauma.

Substance Use Concerns

What works best for you?
Abstinence, a gradual reduction of drugs and alcohol, or something else?
Our treatment matching specialist can guide you to the right path.
We help you create lasting change.

AbstinenceNon-Abstinence/Harm Reduction

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